About Us

Finally a platform made for the service industry, by the service industry.


Your side hustle
For ages, people have been cramming for that extra buck to go on that adventure, make that next month’s rent, or upgrade from PBR to craft. The head scratching question, “how can I make just a little more money?”

Your staffing partner
Meanwhile local businesses, have been missing a solution to handle volatile shift schedules, an old-school hiring process, and a way to broaden their brand and workforce in the Madison area.

An answer has arrived.

Madison based startup Clock’d is an online marketplace connecting those in the service industry and beyond seeking to fill part-time shifts to owners of bars, restaurants, and whoever else needs an extra shift filled.

In English: if you want to make an extra $100 this week working a shift at that new bar you’ve been dying to check out, sign up. Clock’d has got you covered. Or if you’re a business needing an extra set of hands to help your staff, sign up. Clock’d has got you covered.


300+ shifts later Clock’d is still ticking. With an app on the way, a new process, and more great professionals/businesses on the platform we’re ready to help bring Madison’s service industry up to speed on the tool built just for them.